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US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Swears Impeachment Oath, But Already Promised to Break It

US Senate file photo showing US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith taking her oath of office in December 2018.

US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Republican from Mississippi, signed a sworn oath on Thursday that she has already promised to violate. “I solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of Donald J Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help me God,” reads the oath Hyde-Smith and all other senators swore on Thursday, as Republican president’s impeachment trial began in the US Senate.

“Now that Cindy Hyde-Smith and the rest of the Senate have taken their oath to be impartial jurors, it’s time for them to show it,” Mike Espy, Hyde-Smith’s likely Democratic opponent come November, said in a tweet on Thursday.

Hyde-Smith Vowed ‘Swift End’ for Impeachment ‘Sham’

In December, Hyde-Smith vowed that, as a juror in the trial, she would stand by her party’s president no matter what. The US House voted to impeach Trump last month.

 “This sham will come to a swift end in the U.S. Senate. I will stand up for our president & against this shameful process,” Hyde-Smith tweeted at the time.

During impeachment hearings late last year, witnesses who work in the Trump administration offered more than 100 hours of testimony to panels of Republicans and Democrats.

Their testimony, along with documents uncovered in Congress’ investigation, confirmed that Trump withheld congressionally-approved aid to Ukraine, and told that country’s president that the US would only release the money if Ukraine agreed to announce a sham investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Democrat Mike Espy officially filed in January to run for the Democratic nomination to challenge US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. Photo by Ashton Pittman.

‘Habitual Partisanship’

In the days before she swore her oath to do “impartial justice,” Hyde-Smith continued to demonstrate her pro-Trump bias on social media.

“Sorry Democrats, you can’t handpick your witnesses this time,” she wrote on Wednesday as she tweeted out a Fox News article on Republican attempts to to force testimony from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden at trial—even though they are not witnesses to the crimes Trump is accused of (and in fact, were partially the targets of those alleged crimes).

The day before that, on January 14, Hyde-Smith sent a tweet accusing Democrats and “the mainstream media” of “obsessing over the impeachment sham.”

In a letter last month, Espy criticized his Republican rival for what he called her “habitual partisanship.”

“It is truly discouraging that once again, Mississippi must suffer as her words and short-sightedness put our beloved state in a very bad light,” Espy wrote, likely alluding to a firestorm Hyde-Smith’s “public hanging” quip created last year. “… If you have a Senator who only blindly follows the party bosses in Washington, then does Mississippi really have a senator?”

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