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In these perilous times for truth and democracy, we believe it is more important than ever to lift up and amplify the voices of the unheard. While diversity has only grown in the Deep South in recent decades, our political and media culture has largely failed to reflect these shifts, and many of the same voices of the past have continued to dominate to the detriment of all.

As the wheels of mayhem churn everywhere from Congress to our Southern state houses and city halls, many local and regional newsrooms are shrinking in a changing media landscape—or else getting swallowed up by corporate conglomerates that care more about maximizing profits and currying favor with power than they do about producing journalism that serves you, the citizen, and holds the mighty to account.

Even as the Deep South stands on the precipice of a great generational shift toward more diversity and inclusion, the politicians, media gatekeepers, and other entities who have a vested interest in the status quo are marshaling their best efforts to kill not only what remains of the free and independent press, but the future we can create together if our voices are all truly heard.

Together, we have the power to stop them. At Deep South Voice, we strive to use our unique platform to bring the Deep South and its diverse communities together by amplifying those too-often unheard voices with a combination of contextually-rich news, deep investigative reporting, visual storytelling, and data journalism. Through this work, all of us, together, can root out political corruption, serve as champions of our region’s diversity, and carry out the important work of fostering a more democratic culture in which truth matters.

Because we offer our work freely with no paywalls, we rely on you, our readers, to sponsor our mission with the funds and encouragement we need to carry it out. As a Deep South sponsor, you will enjoy the following benefits:

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Most importantly, whether you give $3 or $100, contribute once or sponsor us monthly, you will play an invaluable role in lifting up the region’s diversity and preserving the necessary art and service of journalism in the Deep South. In doing so, you’ll help ensure a more just future for us all. It only takes a minute to become a DSV sponsor for as little as $3. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.

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